Name Changing- Why do it?

Many people give me a hard time for changing my name from Jade to Lupus.

“Why don’t you stick with the name your mother gave you? How rude.”

Well, here’s why:

Stepping into a new person, it's not too difficult,

When I was Jade, I was an entirely different person; I didn't like who I was and I tried for years and years to fix it. Finally, one day, some beautiful people took me into the jungle and let me sit in on a ceremony; it was of the medicinal plant, Ayahuasca. My journey in this ceremony completely changed my life, I was finally the man I had always wanted to be. During my experience with Ayahuasca, I kept being called, “Lupus.” It made my heart dance. Lupus was my re-born self. My new me.

When I returned home, everyone was still referring to me as Jade. It felt much like losing a bunch of fat, and then having it thrown in your face several times a day.

Hearing the name Jade was like taking steps back in my personal growth and evolution; it made me sick to my stomach. In order to fully move forward, into my new, refreshed self, I had to make it official- it had to be official in order for people to take me seriously.